11 hours ago

      N.J. man charged with arson attempt at St. Patrick’s Cathedral held for psychiatric evaluation at N.Y. hospital

      The 37-year-old New Jersey man charged with attempted arson after police say he brought two gas containers, lighter fluid and…
      13 hours ago

      The Union at Dearborn break ins press release

      Dearborn, MI – Over the last several weeks the Dearborn Police Department had received multiple reports of burglaries of unsecured…
      15 hours ago

      Hamadeh Educational Services Hosted its Annual Scholarship

      Hamadeh Educational Services hosted its annual scholarship give away event on Thursday April 18 2019 at the Bellagio Banquet And…
      1 day ago

      87-year-old man on bike hit by passing car in Westland

      WESTLAND, Mich. (FOX 2) – An 87-year-old man has been hospitalized with critical injuries after he was hit while riding…
      2 days ago

      Novi doctor gets 12 years in prison for $18-million opioid scam

      A Livonia doctor was sentenced to more than 12 years in prison Wednesday for running an $18 million opioid scheme…
      2 days ago

      The Wedding Party of Ali Karim Hammoud & Shahad Monzer Al Said in Dearborn

      In an atmosphere of joy and pleasure, and amid the presence of a large crowd the Wedding party of Ali…
      2 days ago

      Friends and Family Opening For Yoyo’s Fun Center

      Yoyo’s Fun Center 8044 N Middlebelt Rd Westland, MI 48185 Three story jungle gym Trampoline for all ages Basketball trampoline…
      2 days ago

      Clawson High School student in custody after threat made online

      CLAWSON, Mich. – A student at Clawson High School has been taken into police custody after a threat was made…
      3 days ago

      Rebuilding Notre Dame will be long, fraught, expensive

      London – Notre Dame in Paris is not the first great cathedral to suffer a devastating fire, and it probably…
      4 days ago

      Man to be sentenced for hiding camera in women’s bathroom at CrossFit gym

      CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A man accused of putting a hidden camera in the women’s bathroom at a CrossFit gym…
      4 days ago

      Al Qaem Group For Islamic Recitations celebrate Mawlid Al-Anwar

      A celebration of the birth of our beloved Imam Hussein, Imam Ali Zayn-Al-Abideen, Abu Al-Fadil Al-Abbas, and Imam mahdi (a.s.)…
      4 days ago

      The Engagement party of Dr. Sami Hassan Hammoud & Marwa Mohamad Jomaa in Dearborn 

      In an atmosphere of joy and pleasure, in the presence of family and friends the Engagement party of Dr. Sami…
      4 days ago

      Protest in Montreal, Canada against bill 21 that prohibits the wearing of Hijab

      Pictures from yesterday’s protest in Montreal, Canada against the Bill 21 that prohibits authority figures like teachers, police officers, prison…
      4 days ago

      Michigan man charged with sexually assaulting 15-year-old girl he met on Facebook

      ROGERS CITY, Mich. – A Michigan man has been charged with sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl he met last year…


      1 / 30 Videos

      مظاهرة في مونتريال، كندا ضد قانون رقم ٢١ الذي يمنع لبس الحجاب


      كلمة وفاء لأصدقاء الفقيد عبد الحسن صعب القاها الاستاذ حسن بزي


      Accident involving Dearborn Police Officer on 4/3/2019


      أسبوع عميد الجالية اللبنانية في مدينة ديربورن المرحوم الحاج محمد طرفة 3-31-2019


      مراسيم تشييع عميد الجالية في ديربورن المرحوم الحاج محمد طرفة


      Funeral service for our beloved community leader Hajj Mohammed Turfe


      الطفل العبقري وبطل العالم بالحساب الذهني إبن جنوب لبنان حسين يحيى مروة


      حيث يجب أن نكون سنكون


      We will be where we have to be


      Tips for New year's eve from Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad


      Members of the Exchange club and Dearborn Police surprising citizens with holidy gift cards


      Shop with A Hero 2018


      كلمة العلامة السيد علي فضل الله


      يعلن متجر كينغ للمفروشات عن عروض تخفيضات على كل المفروشات والبضائع وذلك بمناسبة افتتاحه


      Furniture KING announces the grand opening


      From The Wedding Of Khalil Ibrahim Mroweh & Malak Abdulhassan Saad


      المسيرة العاشورائية الأربعينية في ديربورن


      Detroit furniture عنوان للأناقة والجمال في عالم المفروشات المنزلية


      How Jamal khashoggi recorded his last minutes


      برنامج مدرسي جديد يقدمه ال pass path بعد المدرسة للاعداد للامتحانات وتعزيز المواد


      A new pass path program after school a professional educational center


      المسيرة العاشورائية الحاشدة في ديربورن وفاءاً بالعهد وتجديداً للبيعة


      6th Annual Ashura Procession: March for Justice


      Accident on Miller & Henson in Dearborn


      Car crashes into a house and catches fire on Gulley & Avondale


      أسواق البلد أسعار مدروسة وجوده عاليه Everfresh Market best prices and best quality


      مدرسة البينات هي واحدة من المؤسسات المنبثقة من رحم جمعية المبرات


      Great Revelations Academy is an islamic private school located in the heart of Dearborn.


      عادل معزب يدشن حملته الانتخابية لعضوية المجلس التربوي في مدينة ديربورن


      Adel Mozip Kicks off his campaign for the Dearborn School Board