17 hours ago

      A Yemeni movie10 Days Before The Wedding “Zaffah” was shown in Dearborn

      10 Days Before The Wedding “Zaffah” was shown on Sunday 6-16-19 at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center Ford…
      19 hours ago

      FBI looking into suspected Dallas gunman’s military and social media history Eric LevensonAmir Vera byline

      The FBI is investigating the military background and social media history of a 22-year-old man who is suspected of trying…
      19 hours ago

      South African teens attempt Cape-to-Cairo in homemade plane

      An aircraft built by South African teenagers is being flown from Cape Town to Cairo – and has successfully made…
      19 hours ago

      Dearborn Schools expecting decrease in students, staff next year but more funding for early college

      The budget for Dearborn Public Schools might be a little smaller for the upcoming school year, in addition to decreases…
      20 hours ago

      Drifting in South China Sea for 80 hours, Singapore diving enthusiast stayed sane by talking to his watch and life buoy

      Diving coach John Lowe managed to spend 80 hours in the South China Sea without food or water, keeping the…
      20 hours ago

      Michele Hajal passes away

      Michèle Hajal, a clinical dietitian who was elected as a third runner-up in the Miss Lebanon pageant 2016, passed away…
      2 days ago

      Isbouh Commemoration Services of The late Captain Hassan Ali Farhat in Dearborn

      Isbouh Commemoration Services of The late Captain Hassan Ali Farhat at the Islamic Center Of America in Dearborn. The MC…
      2 days ago

      Her family migrated from Lebanon to the United States to get a serious injury while working in the US police: Yasmine Diab, a young woman in desperate need for your prayers

      Jasmine Diab was shot while working as an investigator in the US police. Her father had posted her picture on…
      2 days ago

      An 84-year-old man bursts into the fashion world and ignites the “intrest”

      The 84-year-old Slovakian, Silver Tetsuya, became a star of the social networking site “Instagram” after his grandson took a number…
      2 days ago

      Is an example of every woman who knows only success … Syrian lady Faten Fakhreddine graduated from university with her son Wael Safadi at the University of Santa Monica, California

      She was not prevented by difficult living conditions in America to persevere in her dream and achieve a university degree.…
      3 days ago

      Pawsitively adorable! Near-blind feline earns Instagram fame as Sunglass Cat thanks to her INCREDIBLE collection of bedazzled shades that her owner has specially made for her

      A cat that suffers with a rare eye condition and regularly wears sunglasses to protect her eyes has gone viral…
      3 days ago

      Reckless driving in borrowed car results in impounding

      A Dearborn man who borrowed his friend’s 2018 purple “Scat Pack” edition Dodge Challenger the afternoon of June 6 to…
      3 days ago

      Flights halted at Newark after United plane skids off runway, no injuries

      Flights were halted at New Jersey’s Newark airport on Saturday after a plane skidded off a runway while landing, but…
      3 days ago

      Exclusive: Saudis say Shi’ite man arrested as juvenile will not be executed

      A young man from Saudi Arabia’s minority Shi’ite Muslim community who was arrested at the age of 13 will not…


      1 / 30 Videos

      كشافة المصطفى تقيم مهرجانًا كبيرًا لحلول عيد الفطرالسعيد في ديربورن


      Al-Mustapha Scouts Successfully Organized Their Annual Eid Celebration in Dearborn


      “Our Village Gives On Eid”


      Dearborn Police work closely with faith-based organizations


      شرطة ديربورن تحافظ على المراكز الدينية لتعزيز وضمان سلامتها وأمنها


      أتى العيد ولنا تحت التراب أحباب.. كل عام وأنتم بألف خير أعاده الله علينا وعليكم باليُمن والبركات..


      Zayn Initiative “No Kid without A Eid.”


      the State of Michigan present the Ramadan Suhoor Festival and it’s founder, Hassan Chami


      قومي يارون واستقبليهم .. انهم عرسانك ها هم قد عادوا اليك


      St. Mary's Michigan Fun Fest 2019 مهرجان ميشيغان الحادي عشر


      مؤسسة العين للرعاية الاجتماعية تطلق حملتها الرمضانية لدعم الأيتام


      مشروع بناء قاعة إمام المتقين (ع) في المنتدى الاسلامي في اميركا والتي سيبدأ العمل فيها في ٢٠٢٠


      حازت الدكتورة لودا احمد المير بزي على شهادة الدكتوراه في الدراسات العليا


      مدرسة مايا تنظّم الدّورة السنويّة الثالثة في مسابقة حفظ القرآن الكريم


      WISE Academy Held Their 2nd Annual Takleef Celebration


      ذكرى اسبوع المرحومة الحاجة بدريه حسين جواد بيضون في مدينة ديربورن


      A Message from Mohamed Al-Hachami 4-21-2019


      ذكرى اسبوع المرحوم الحاج عبد المطلب سلامه واربعين المرحوم الحاج عبد حسن عسيلي


      Smart IRX Application


      مظاهرة في مونتريال، كندا ضد قانون رقم ٢١ الذي يمنع لبس الحجاب


      كلمة وفاء لأصدقاء الفقيد عبد الحسن صعب القاها الاستاذ حسن بزي


      Accident involving Dearborn Police Officer on 4/3/2019


      أسبوع عميد الجالية اللبنانية في مدينة ديربورن المرحوم الحاج محمد طرفة 3-31-2019


      مراسيم تشييع عميد الجالية في ديربورن المرحوم الحاج محمد طرفة


      Funeral service for our beloved community leader Hajj Mohammed Turfe


      الطفل العبقري وبطل العالم بالحساب الذهني إبن جنوب لبنان حسين يحيى مروة


      حيث يجب أن نكون سنكون


      We will be where we have to be


      Tips for New year's eve from Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad


      Members of the Exchange club and Dearborn Police surprising citizens with holidy gift cards