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    Piracy threatens US hospitals

    After nearly a decade of linking patient records to the Internet and the use of digitally connected medical devices, US hospitals face a protection crisis from hackers. Hospitals in the United States have begun testing for weaknesses in medical devices and requiring their manufacturers to disclose their digital security information. A US Wall Street Journal report said US hospitals had resorted to those measures, influenced by a wave of global digital piracy attacks. A personal medical record in the United States for piracy in attacks hit health care companies since 2009. Among the major attacks were the attacks, “Wanakray” and “Notbitia” digital, which disrupted in 2017 work in a number of hospitals and caused the abolition of surgery. Health care, including hospitals, in the United States recorded 148 piracy attempts in 2018, compared to only five in 2009. Moody’s credit ratings agency said in February hospitals were among the most vulnerable to piracy in the United States. The Journal Journal “is a manufacturer of medical devices Such as Royal Philips and Boston Scientific, have begun to incorporate new digital security features into their products, as well as to disclose information about software that runs hardware for hospitals and health service providers. Medical technology officials say that the ability to deal directly with medical devices and know their weaknesses will help hospitals Install its defenses against any possible attacks or attempted piracy


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