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    Mysterious accident .. The death of a foreign patient under the operation in Dubai!

    The UAE authorities are investigating the death of an Indian woman during an uncomplicated surgery she underwent recently in a private hospital in Dubai. The DHA investigated the death of Indian citizen Betty Rita Fernandez, hours after undergoing routine surgery in the hip area, Al-Zahra Medical Center. The Authority announced that it is investigating seriously all the cases of negligence and malpractice that may occur in the emirate’s hospitals and that it has screened a team to investigate the possibility of a medical error that led to the death of Fernandez. Detailed, while informed The director of Al Zahra Hospital, Dr. Muhaimin Abdul Ghani, confirmed that an internal investigation is under way on the incident and that the victim’s family is directly and continuously informed about the results of the investigation. Al Zahra Hospital is located in Dubai’s Al Barsha neighborhood. , With more than 140 doctors from all over the world, with a variety of specialties. The hospital is also accredited by the Joint International Committee, which works to ensure patient safety and quality of health care.

    Source: The National

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