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    Crossbow murder mystery deepens as two more bodies are found after man, 53, and women aged 33 and 30 were discovered dead in German hotel room

    German police probing the deaths of three people killed by crossbow bolts have today found two more bodies at one of the victim’s homes – 400 miles away.

    A search of an apartment in Wittingen, northern Germany, uncovered the two females, who were reportedly around 30 years old.

    The gruesome discovery came as detectives investigate the mysterious deaths of a man and two women who were found on Saturday in the Bavarian town of Passau, close to the Austrian border.

    Police confirmed they are looking into possible links between the Passau and Wittingen deaths.

    An hotel employee in the town of Passau found the three bodies and two crossbows in the room when the occupants did not respond to repeated knocking.

    A third crossbow was later found in a bag but had not been used.

    Police said the three victims were a 53-year-old man and two women aged 33 and 30. All of them were German citizens but their identities were not given.

    The man and the older woman were from the village of Berod in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in southwest Germany.

    The younger woman was believed to be living in Wittingen and it understood the two new bodies were found in her apartment.

    The group arrived separately to the hotel on Friday and initially checked in without luggage.

    But they returned to their cars later – after the reception was closed – to get the bags containing the crossbows.

    One of the women had booked the triple room for 85 euros a night, without breakfast, for three nights.

    Police said it is not clear what their relationship was, what happened inside the hotel room or how they died.

    The man and the older woman were found on Saturday lying in bed holding hands with multiple bolts in them.

    The younger woman was lying on the floor and had one bolt sticking out of her.

    According to local media, two crossbows were found in the room by police when officers searched the scene in the remote riverside hotel.

    Bavarian police spokesman Stefan Gaisbauer said today there are no indications that anyone other than the three found dead were involved, but that it is not yet clear what happened.

    A hotel guest told German newspaper Bild: ‘It was a strange group.’

    They said the bearded man wore a suit while the women were dressed in black.

    They had all wished a ‘good evening’, taken glasses of soft drink and water, and disappeared into the second-floor room as rain fell outside.

    Prosecutors have ordered an autopsy which is expected to take place by Tuesday.

    A junior manager who first alerted the police, told the German newspaper Berliner Morgenpost: ‘In the room of the dead people there were two crossbows.’

    But a guest who was staying there the night in question told Passauer Neue Presse: ‘It was a completely quiet night.’

    Some German media reported that the trio had booked to stay for three nights, without breakfast, and had already been there for two days when they were discovered.

    Another guest told Frankfurter Allgemeine it was like a ‘bad thriller’, adding: ‘Imagine being the maid and discovering the bodies.’

    By Saturday evening forensic officers had collected all the evidence they needed and the guesthouse was reopened for business.

    Crossbows can be purchased legally in Germany by all people aged 18 or older.

    The town is a popular tourist spot, especially for hikers heading into the Bavarian Forest.


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