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    Israel is building “Trump Village” in the Golan Heights

    Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that the Israeli authorities have chosen a place in the Gon Heights to build a village that will be named after US President Donald Trump.

    So the Israelis want to thank the US president for the recent recognition of this land as part of the Jewish state, despite Syria’s opposition to it.

    “I promised to build a settlement in honor of President Trump, I told you that we have already found a place in the Golan where this new settlement will be built,” Netanyahu told a cabinet meeting on Sunday.

    The prime minister added that the decisions on the establishment of a new settlement would be submitted for approval by the new government, which he will form after winning the April elections.

    The US president, Donald Trump, announced his recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Golan, on 25 March last, during Netanyahu’s visit to Washington.

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