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    German husband and wife guilty of killing parents, hiding bodies in wall

    A German court has found a 26-year-old man and his 23-year-old wife guilty of murder for killing his parents and then bricking the bodies behind a wall.

    German news agency dpa reported that the Nuremberg-Fuerth regional court sentenced the couple to life in prison Thursday. Their names were not released.

    Prosecutors said the man bludgeoned his 66-year-old mother to death with a hammer as she lay in bed in December 2017, then killed his 70-year-old father, too.

    The prosecutors argued that while the man’s wife wasn’t present for the slayings, she was jointly responsible because she had urged the husband to kill his parents “to have him to herself.”

    The couple also entombed the parent’s bodies behind a wall in their house, where investigators found them weeks later.

    The verdict can be appealed.

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