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    Guaido says may ask US military intervention in Venezuela

    Venezuela’s Juan Guaido does not rule a US military intervention to oust President Nicolas Maduro amid reports that Washington is in direct contact with Venezuelan generals to stoke a mutiny. 

    The self-proclaimed interim president told AFP in an exclusive interview that he may authorize a US military intervention to force Maduro from power and establish a “transitional government” in Venezuela.

    Guaido, the head of opposition-controlled National Assembly, said he would do “everything that is necessary,” even though a US military intervention is “a very controversial subject.”

    The 35-year-old opposition figure called on the Venezuelan army to allow the “humanitarian aid,” currently in a warehouse at the Colombian border, to enter the country.

    Maduro has denounced the aid, saying US President Donald Trump is using Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis as a cover-up for his military plans in the country.

    Press TV

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