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    6 year-old kid BEHEADED with piece of broken glass in front of screaming mother in KSA

    A six-year old Shia child has been beheaded in Saudi Arabia in front of his mother on a visit to the shrine of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Medina, according the human rights activists.

    Zakaria Al-Jaber was in a taxi with his mother on their way to the shrine of Prophet Muhammad in Medina when the driver stopped the car and forced the boy out.

    He dragged him to an area near a coffee shop in the Al-Tilal neighborhood, before smashing a glass bottle, reports TMV.

    The taxi driver slit his throat with a shard of glass before stabbing him repeatedly as his mother attempted to stop the brutal attack.

    There was no intervention from anyone and no response from authority thus far.

    Shia Rights Watch have said the boy was killed on Thursday in an act of sectarian violence.

    The group said that an unknown man had asked the mother if she was Shia moments before the attack happened.

    They said: ‘The Saudi Shia community came together today in mourning and to show solidarity with the parents.

    ‘The community also reported this incident is a result of ongoing violations and lack of protection by the Saudi authority toward its Shia population.’

    The group said that Saudi Shia “have been under a military crackdown by their government and many Shia activitists are in prisons and [sentenced to] death”.

    Shia Rights Watch, whose headquarters are in Washington D.C., said the beheading must be addressed ASAP.


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